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Del Morrill, M.S. C.C.H


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What Others Say about the GREAT ESCAPES Books


What Others Say About


I tell everyone about your excellent script-books including all my new students; how your books are an excellent starting point for the work - an investment which will pay off years from now with an increased skill-set which will inspire them with just the right words to use in their sessions. I think I own everything ever written out there in the hypnosis genre, and your script books continually rank among the best - the most thoughtful, the most insightful. In session, after speaking with a client, and having worked 15 hour days, there are times when one's mind draws a complete blank. It's then that I reach for my well-worn, dog-eared copy of your script book # 3. Simply reading a few sentences of your well-phrased words inspires me to automatically articulate just the right “prescription for change” that a client needs to hear.   When Sleepwalkers' members wonder what “secret magic formula” I use to be so fluent, whether doing an individualized hypnosis session or doing a “demo” in front of a group, I tell them that, out of the dozens of script books I own,  Del Morrill's Hypnosis books are the ones I prefer the most. Even if I'm going to write my own script for a specific case that is not covered, I read your books, first, for inspiration. Thanks again Del. Keep up the good work. O course, I will continue recommending your work as required reading for those who truly desire to be great in this profession.                                                    

                                                                                       John Petrocelli, Trance Coach and Founder of

Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers Hypnosis Study Intensive, New York

  I am using your scripts in my practice, and they are sensitive and superb! I frequently use the Introduction to Hypnosis Script in Vol. II and have had much success in getting trance and eye closure.  I really like that script because it is educational as well as trans-inducing and helps clients learn about hypnosis while they are experiencing it.  Also, I find that the permissive wording and the reassurances in your scripts are good rapport builders. 

Judy E. Pearson, PhD, Exec. Dir for Certification of the National Board for Certified Hypnotherapists

I received the scripts and CD, and I loved them; I will recommend them highly to my students and graduates.              Shaun Brookhouse, Dir., Washington School of Hypnosis, Manchester, England


In a word they are great reference books.  I will recommend them to my past and future students.  I will be including your manuals as part of the reference books I allow my students to utilize as part of the on-site programs. Thanks. 

                                                                               Michael Vendetti, Dir., Center for Hypnosis Training

                                                                                              and Behavior Modification, Tampa, Florida


Excellent Material! Fine work!  I will be recommending them to my hypnosis studentsand I have included "Great Escapes" under suggested reading/bibliography in my book, "Physically Focused Hypnotherapy A Practical Guide To Medical Hypnosis In Everyday Medical Practice"

Dr. Bill Breuer, Director, The Centre for Multidisciplinary Healthcare, Louisville, KY

Very impressive work.  I will certainly recommend them.  Bravo.

Maurice Kouguell, Dir., Brookside Center

for Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Baldwin, New York


Del, your script books have proved to be such an asset to me in my hypnotherapy work.  The scripts are so life-affirming.  I resonate with each script and find myself having difficulty choosing which one would be “most appropriate.”  It seems to me that you have taken my own thoughts and feelings and put them into words for me.  Your creativity has saved me time and effort and allowed me to put my energy in other places.  Also, I love how you’ve put the scripts into the 3-ring notebooks.  They are so easy to use that way.  Blessings!

Kay Nuyens, Hypnotherapist, Grand Haven, Michigan


I have very much enjoyed studying your materials and adapting them for use in 
my own practice.  I especially like your script titled A Problem and Solution 
Finding Process and have adapted it to help clients resolve a variety of 
different problems from managing habits to improving their self image.   Thank you so much for being out there for those of us who are just coming up in the field.  

 Loretta Selani, PhD., Accelerated Performance, California


You have certainly done an impressive job with your books.

Ben Blyton, Dir., Southeastern Institute of Hypnotists (SEIH), Kentucky


The scripts have a deep underlying strength to them - messages of hope, courage, the deep seated belief that change can happen and will happen, all cradled in comforting words using a  gentle Ericksonian permissiveness and respect . All of them have been carefully structured to be creatively adapted.                                                                              Denise Ghalebi, United Kingdom

I saw Del's books at the conference and they are really beautiful.  Lots of goodies, well-organized, in attractive binders. Many thanks, Del.

Stephanie Rothman, Hypnosis Network (internet)


I like what I have seen and, as I progress into this fall's class, I will offer them to my students

Barney F. Howell, Year 2000 President ASPH (Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis)

President of the Atwood Institute for Research and Education)


I appreciate your generosity in sharing these really wonderful scripts.  Thanks for the powerful and peaceful Christmas present.  My wife and I used the "Water Signal" as a joint meditation. We read alternate paragraphs aloud as we sat overlooking our beautiful garden pool.  It was a great thing to do. When we sit at the stone table for lunch, we can feel the peace your thoughts have added.  Thank you, thank you.                                                                David Cooper, Australia


Thank you for sharing your beautiful work for the benefit of all!   I appreciate the depth and thoroughness of your work and look forward to including your ideas and scripts into my own work.                                                                                                                 Cathy Hamilton, Canada


I can't thank you enough. Your scripts have arrived at a perfect moment for me. I had come up against a wall with a client. Your problem solving script could have been written for her. It’s perfect as is. I could not believe it as I read it.  This script has been amazing for me. I used it as the basis for opening (my client’s) inner mind to his own needs; in another case, I used it almost verbatim on a 16 year old trying to come to terms with life, schooling etc., with dramatic results. You could almost watch him growing in stature as he listened. 

                                                           Lubbertus, Thailand

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