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Where to Study Hypnosis


     Where would you suggest that I could look to find a good course of study on hands-on opportunity to learn hypnosis? I don’t think I need any more skill than Beta Stage except I must learn Immediate Induction as I work almost exclusively in trauma and volatile situations. I have seen the ads for the school in T_______ and many online opportunities, but being a realist, I am not going to pay their tuition. If I wanted to spend $2,500.00 I would buy a car. Any help you can provide is appreciated.



     Do you really believe that you need only a light state and most basic hypnosis to relieve someone of serious trauma? That’s naïve, and I wouldn’t send someone to you with that little hypnosis under your belt. Learning hypnosis and its use in therapy is as serious an education as your psychology training.  It’s a mistake to think of it otherwise, as far as I’m concerned.  Anyone can learn to hypnotize – but it is what you do with the person when you get them into a deeper state than conscious awareness that is the critical knowledge.  How to care for your client during the process of being in a hypnotic state so that they can deal with something serious in their life is extremely important, and takes more than a few hours of basic hypnotic training.

     Most training places I know of either offer a full course or offer their training in weekend sections, which may help you financially. You’ll find a list of schools on the FavLinks pages of my web site.  Once you locate someone near you, you should then make arrangements to see them personally, look over the curriculum, and get the names of three former students you can call, in order to find out how they experienced the course. How useful their studies were is more important than the list on the curriculum.  And, for a good course, you will be expected to pay decent money for it – cheapness of a course is not a good criteria of adequate training.







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