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When Not to Use Certain Methods


     Some time ago, you and I spoke about entity releasement work, and I notice that you do have some script work in one of your Great Escapes script books concerning such methods. When doing this work, or any deep hypnosis work, I'm wondering whether there's any information about working with such clients, or NOT working with such clients, especially if they are on meds.



     I've never read anything about the medication issue.  However, I certainly do believe there are times not to work with releasement of attachments.  

     1.  I don’t think it’s wise to work with entity releasement if either the client or therapist is ill, or feels ungrounded.  Whether it is energy or actual spirits doesn’t concern me.  But it is of concern if you, as the therapist in a weak state, end up having such an attachment, or someone’s negative energy, move to you.
     2.  If there is the possibility of bi-polar, schizophrenia, paranoia or other serious mental issue, it is important that such clients go to a professional who is used to dealing with such conditions. These people are already in a kind of altered state over which they seem not to have control.  With such clients, with hypnosis there is the possibility of sending someone only deeper into their altered condition, so I'm very hesitant to work on such people unless working together with a highly qualified specialist.

     I feel pretty much the same way about working with depression, bi-polar and other deep problems. Unless you are trained well in working with such conditions, send them to someone who is trained in them – preferably a psychologist or counselor who specializes in such work and uses hypnotic methods along with their counseling ability.







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