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To Tape or Not to Tape, That is the Question


Do you think your clients should always have a tape to take home and use?  It seems like when I go to a colleague for hypnotherapy they insist I take a tape and use it for a month, in order for anything to happen.  What do you think of this method?


I have only one recording that I insist each client take home after their first visit and use daily until I see them the next time.  From that point on, they can use it whenever and if ever they wish.  That’s because I designed it, along with a composer, especially to do several things important in beginning their hypnosis process. I tell my clients that it is to help them relax; it helps them practice going into hypnosis more easily; it helps make their deeper mind more willing to change; it helps them “dump” anything of the past that is no longer helpful to them; and it sets them up for success.  They love it.  Many of them find it even helps them sleep better.  Most of all, it gives them something specific to do before their first hypnosis session; and it seems to help them begin the change process before we even "start".  I created this recording when I realized that the biggest block for people is the willingness of the subconscious mind to change, that is, to expand its comfort zone. I wanted something that would get past the “fearful one” or the “rebel” within.     

However, when it comes to other recordings related to specific issues the client comes for, it’s a different story. This is an area in which many hypnotherapists will disagree, I’m sure.  In my own practice, I've not been too keen on having people understand that they must commit to listening to their tape every day for 30 days, or whatever.  I feel that, to do this, is to set up the idea in the client's mind that they won't succeed if they don't follow their hypnotherapist’s requirements. In fact, I think it is adding a negative hypnotic suggestion contrary to what you're doing in your office with them. If a person thinks they can't do something unless they follow a certain path, then that's probably what will happen.  If they don't measure up to what's requested of them, then they feel a failure, and can, indeed, fail to meet their goal.

I'm wondering how many of those people who do okay with hypnosis for awhile and then go back to the old habits, fall into a group of those who must listen to a tape. Perhaps they didn't follow all the instructions, or they got bored listening for 30 days to the same recording.  By not following through they may believe they can't win. I'm not talking about being conscious about this matter, of course - it's somewhere deeper that this is going on.

This doesn't mean that I never do tapes for people – I’m happy to tape one of their sessions, or maybe two, if they wish it; however, I tell them that you don't have to have a tape to "win." I suggest that some people like the freedom to support their decisions by listening to the suggestions once in awhile.  I feel this is more realistic, and keeps them focused on the fact that they are able to meet their goal.





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