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Tictotelemania and hypnosis? (Hair pulling)

I have a 10 year old girl who has pulled out her hair (ticto telemania) since the age of five... ... The parents are fed-up and asked for hypnosis as the last resort. There is anger in this little girl but cognitively she denies it. I feel that I need to explore these feelings, and get to the source of where and when the "need" to pull her hair started, and to help her change it there. Also, I do not think that only positive affirmations such as " you have beautiful hair " etc will help at this stage. However I feel pressured by the fact that her parents want a fast solution and will allow only another 4 sessions - I have seen her for 2 sessions, first interview and one hypnosis session. Finally my question; Is there anything I can try in the next four sessions to help this child?

I appreciate your confidence in me to write of this client. In the light of her age and where you are with her at this time, my recommendation would be to use the script in my GREAT ESCAPES Vol I referred to as the Problem and Solution Finding Process. This is about finding a solution to a problem when you don't know what the source of it is, or the client isn't at an age to articulate it adequately. Usually they can't say what it is, anyway, because it isn't a conscious source, but is coming from the subconscious/unconscious depths. It would work best if you can have the child close her eyes and become more relaxed with concentration on her breathing, or by using one of my induction or imagination scripts in the volume. If you don't have this volume, you'll find this script on my FOR THE THERAPIST pages of my web site, in a child's version. It's free of charge.





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