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The Great Escapes Books


          Del, I’ve been told by several people of your Great Escapes scripts, and urged to get them for my library.  Can you tell me more about your books and what they have in them?  I work with all ages.  I find that I have lots of different script books but they lie on my shelves, and I forget I have them. How are yours any different?


            I, too, find that books and other editions containing scripts in a hard-bound form or spiral binding are least usable, to me, and are more likely to sit on the shelf and be forgotten.  There are many books around, but I find that if I want to make them useful, then I need to copy whatever script I find useful and put it into my own notebooks.  I place the scripts in plastic sheets and put them in indexed notebooks by subject.  This makes it easy to find what I need, as well as avoiding paper noise during a session.  

           The scripts I copy and transfer to my own system get used far more - plus I'm reminded of them regularly by the fact that I'm always picking up those notebooks, whereas I'm not as likely to remember the spiral or hard-bound copies stacked on my shelves. 

             This is the main reason I created my own GREAT ESCAPES series in a 3-ring notebook format - so people wouldn't have to copy scripts to transfer into a more central system.  The GREAT ESCAPES scripts, so far, are in 6 volumes.  Almost all scripts are different, and all have been used in actual sessions.  Volumes I and IV are especially useful to those working with children, although many therapists have told me they use them, just as much, for youth and adults.  The other volumes of II, III, V and VI are basically for youth and adults.  I’m currently working on another volume for children and pre-teens plus a book of stories and fables for children and the “adult child.” 

           You will find a full table of contents for each book at the e-store on this web site.





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