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Terror of Being Alone


        I'm hoping you can shed some light on this client and offer some advice.  I have a client who will be coming in for a session in a couple of weeks.  I normally work with adults, but this client is a 13 year old boy.  He is currently living with his grandparents, who tell me that he's terrified of being alone.  It seems he can't be in a room without a person or he'll freak out.   He has to sleep in the same room with them and when he showers, the grandmother has to stay in the bathroom.  I've met the boy a few times and he seems like your average kid; without his grandparents mentioning this I wouldn’t have known – he hides it well. 
        I know you have a lot of experience with children and was hoping you could make some suggestions on what I might do to help this boy.  I'm curious about what you might suggest to give him confidence and to not be afraid when he's alone.  I'm thinking that I'll need to regress him to his younger years to see what originally triggered him to be afraid of being alone.  If I don't find anything there, I'll probably do a past life regression.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
      I know you mentioned that you have children choose a rock or something they can hold onto to give them comfort.  I also remember you telling us that you ask the child to tell you what animal they think is the strongest so they can visualize ones self as that animal when needed.  Would a 13 year old still respond to that?  I look forward to hearing from you.


       In terms of his fear, I believe that nearly every child these days has an almost inborn fear from all they read and hear about abducted children or otherwise abused children.  This can make children afraid of going places by themselves, or even entering rooms alone.  I’m not saying that’s the reason for this child’s fear, but it well could be involved.  It’s a tightrope we walk in terms of helping children handle themselves well, without fearing everything.  I usually tell them about how newspapers pick up on one incident in a country of millions of people, and that the incidents are so rare, that you don’t have to be afraid.  I then proceed with any of the following methods:                                               

       First thing I’d do is use the “problem-solving” script in my Volume IV for children & pre-teens.  This is designed to get the deeper mind to seek out the imprints that are causing the real problem underneath the fear.  This often is enough to handle the problem without using regression.  However, regression is a perfectly legitimate way to go, especially with a 13-year old.

        As for the “animal” scripting – He may do very well with that.  Ask him what animals he likes, if any.  Then take it from there as to what animal is bravest, what animal can’t be conquered by other animals, etc. He is to conquer it, with your support, using whatever means he chooses. 

       Or you could have the child imagine a room that you and he can walk into together. The room is filled with little tables. Upon each is a box holding a fear.  Have the child go to whatever table and box he wishes, open up the box and put the fear into his hand; then watch the fear become smaller and smaller until it is so tiny he can barely see it.  He asks the fear what it is trying to tell him. He puts the very tiny fear back in the box and closes the lid, then leaving the room.  

      Another use of a room is to have a child go into a room that holds whatever he fears, even if he isn't aware of it.  You can then ask the deeper mind how he can conquer whatever he faces.

    Hope these ideas help.






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