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Succeeding in the Business of Hypnosis


I notice how few hypnotherapists seem to still be in the Yellow Pages, or any other listing, after only a couple of years of being in our town.  Some don’t seem to last even a year.  I call to get better acquainted and they are already gone.  I’m afraid I might become like them – here today, gone tomorrow.  I’ve been in business for over a year and I don’t seem to get many coming to my door.  You’ve been at it a long time, I understand. What’s the secret?


On my web site under articles is an article (at least one if not more) on succeeding in the business of hypnosis.  The attrition rate is really high with our profession. I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and have been full-time all the way.  But full-time doesn’t start out with a full-time load of clients unless you consider 2 clients a day as full-time because you spend 4-5 hours with each one.  My success has NOT come from ASSUMING that if I was a good hypnotist I would surely get clients. 

Schools need to be more serious about helping people learn how to run a business and how to market their business, just as they do with how to be a skilled therapist.  You can’t start off with zero $$, be unwilling to spend $$ to make $$, think that the only work you have is when you have a client come, etc.  I began by believing my work day was all day (and even a couple of evenings) and that any time I was not with a client I was marketing and advertising and networking with other professionals. 

An entrepreneur has to be a self-starter and be willing to work hard and put their money back into their business for the first 2-3 years, at least, just like all other businesses have to do. If you’re unwilling to do this, or you think that this will be an easy profession where you can put as little time into it as possible, please get into something else where you are an employee, or work for another HT who runs their own business.

 When someone (including your teacher) tells you how easy it is, and how you’ll immediately get lots of referrals, etc., that may apply only to a very few (as evidenced by the high attrition rate.) Anything more on this subject is in my article.  Take it for what it is. Even if you don’t agree with me, it’s okay.     





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