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Resistant Weight Control Client

I’m about to give up with a client I have who simply seems to be getting no-where regarding getting rid of her excessive weight.  Is there anything you can suggest beyond the usual habit-changing suggestions?  We’ve now had at least 8 sessions with very little results.


First of all, I’m assuming you’ve done a good intake that reveals whatever blocks might be hindering your client.

You may not wish to do this, but when I have a client that is so resistant she's out to prove a failure, I get pretty direct.  I tell her that she may wish to get rid of the weight consciously, but obviously something within her deeper self is saying "no" to this.  I then say that I don't feel I can help her further. However, I assure her that this does not mean  hypnosis will not work; it just means that perhaps someone else's approach might work better for her. 

What I find, with this direct approach, is that (1) often the client reveals something which would have been important to know before, and could help her; or (2) the client will assure you that she doesn't want to change therapists, in which case you'll probably win with her; or, of course, (3) you may find you have one less client.  I figure that's okay, because you don't need people who pull your business down; you want to keep working with those who are WILLING to win. Remember, not everyone is that willing.

They may be at a conscious level; however, there could be unconscious resistence due to a variety of things: "If I look better, I'll have to deal with men, or sex, or whatever."  "If I am slim, my overweight friends won't accept me."  If I am smaller, I'll have less power."  There are many possible reasons that the subconscious self resists.  Even if you have used regression on this client earlier, you may need to do regression work again in order to seek out the original source of the problem behind the weight.  If your client proves to be resistent to it, or anything else, then you're at a standstill

If you haven't done so already, you might remind your client that you're doing your 50% of the work, but the other 50% is hers, and can only be done if she's welcoming your suggestions.  I had one client who I worked with for a good number of sessions, with little result - when I was more direct with her she admitted she wanted to "lose" weight but didn't want to change her habits.  I said "bye-bye, I've done all I can for you." 





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