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Regaining Speech


          I have just started to see a 15 year old who was in a very bad traffic accident two years ago and he had a really traumatic head injury that left him paralyzed on the left side and no speech.

         He is very determined and is now walking and has his speech back, but he forgets what words mean; plus, he was very popular and played rugby for a well known club here in England. He is no longer allowed to play as he has two titanium plates in his head and mustn’t bang his head for obvious reasons. He has lost a lot of his friends through this. He cannot text on the phone, because of his problem with words, so his friends thought he is putting this on, mainly because they think he's back to normal.

          He wants to work on his confidence, and wants to know if I can help him with his word problem.  Would it be correct to think that the subconscious is okay, as he has got his speech back? I'm not sure how to help him with his word forgetfulness. Can you help or do you have any suggestions please. I look forward to hearing from you.  I have several of your books so you might direct me to scripts that could be helpful, as well.


            This is a tough one.  You might first try having the mind seek out the imprints that causes his problem with words, including the accident and anything else that might be involved, and any blocks to releasing the problem. (The problem-solving/solution-finding script).  Besides using suggestions about confidence building, try taking him back just before the accident and reframe his recovery to include perfect speech just as he had before, reminding him that he was very able to speak before the accident clearly and with words in the correct order, etc., and can do that again. Walk him through each moment after the accident, again having him speak perfectly, throughout that “walk”.

            Also, you might have him remember a time he had to give a report in class before the accident, and tell him that he will, from this point on, speak just as well as he did then, remembering what all the words mean, as he speaks.  You could also use the scripts on stroke recovery, adapting them to speech and memory recovery (you might look up on the internet a picture of the whole speech mechanism, using the terms.)  I’m sorry I’m unable to think of anything else at the moment. I hope this will at least stir the pot of ideas.

            There are a number of scripts I've written, and that are either in the books or as singles in the store on my website on confidence-building, and memory.  You could also see if any of those might be useful in adapting  them to his condition.

          Good luck and let me know how it goes.







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