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Radiation for a Tumor

I'm working with a man who will soon be having radiation treatment for a brain tumor. Do you have recommended scripts or suggestions for this situation in particular?

Complete Question: I have been enjoying your binder of scripts in GREAT ESCAPES, Volume II. I appreciate the depth and thoroughness of your work and look forward to including your ideas and scripts into my own work. I work as a hypnotherapist in the Aurura Center. Next week I will begin working with a man who will be having radiation treament for a brain tumor (soon). He is wanting to release emotions and limiting decisions. I would like to offer him every opportunity I can to support his healing and growth. To this end, I am contacting you to ask if you have any recommended sources or suggestions for this situation in particular. I plan to incorporate your scripts on healing and health that are in the Great Escapes binder. I just wondered if there was anything else you could suggest. (Cathy Hamilton, Aurora Center, Winnipeg, Canada; falcon@minet.gov.mb.ca, by permission) Thanks for your exceedingly kind words about my scripts. I'm pleased that you are finding them useful in your own practice. Concerning your client, I would definitely use the problem-solving script in Volume II called "A Problem and Solution-Finding Process." You mention that you are already planning to use the ones on health and healing in Volume II ("Releasing Healing Energy" and "The Healing Light." I am working on another "healing light" script, which I'll be including in my Volume III, soon to be printed). I'll attach it for you so you can use it now. Other scripts in Volume II that might be helpful would be anything related to empowerment and confidence. You will also find a number of fine scripts on http:www.hypnosense.com, owned by Terrence Watts in the United Kingdom. These are free for downloading. I got a good script on healing, which primarily focused on pre-surgery, but had some fine suggestions about the body and its healing process (I believe it is by Ann Spencer of the Infinity Institute). I think that Jack Elias, Institute for Therapeutic Learning, 1-206-783-1838, has some fine things related to the type of healing you are working with. Also, the scripts of Dr. Arthur Winkler of St. John's University 1-225-294-2129 are exceptional, and have greatly influenced me. I hope that is helpful to you. Let me know how it goes for you.





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