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Professional Self-Doubt

How can I best tell new clients they might need more than one session. And also, address my general nervousness and self-doubt? I don′t know how to tell people they might need more than one session, especially when they are asking to stop smoking, sleep better, etc. in one session. How does one phrase that without seeming money grabbing, and how do you judge if a person needs more than one session other than if they are a chronic smoker. Also, I find myself nervous about being successful in what I do, and question myself more than I want to.

I think it's important for you to set aside your image of yourself as a volunteer and new to hypnosis, and all the rest. Believe in yourself and what you can do, regardless of how new you are to it. Remember that you are better trained in this than any client coming to you. And your time is worth something. If you are concerned about your charges, call other HTs in your area and ask what they are charging. If there aren't enough of them to give you help, then call counselors and ask them until you have a picture of what your area tolerates when it comes to session costs. Decide from there what is best for you. Remember that you are worth the money. Think of the MD who charges you (or your insurance company) plenty for his/her ability to know enough about medicine to do what can be done for you. You are a DOCTOR of the mind. Start to think of yourself in that way. Despite all the ?hype? from certain hypnosis trainers and therapists about how you can do something in just one session, I find there is good reason to ease many people who are nervous about hypnosis, in the first place, into the process through more than one session. After an intake, I tell a client how many sessions I feel they need for their issue, rather than them telling me. If that isn′t satisfactory to them, then I suggest they need a different hypnotherapist. I?ll even given such persons names of others. After all, what goes around comes around, in some way. From the beginning of my practice, I never felt I had to accept every person who wanted my services and I never had to do anything that I didn't decide I could do or wanted to do. Determine what arenas you will NOT work in, and then get a network of people you can give to callers who WILL do what you don't do. Then focus on what you can do and do it the best you can and as frequently as you are able. You'll do just fine. Stay with it, even when discouraged. Not every session will be successful in your career. Part of the high attrition rate with HT's is their inability to stay with it for the long term, and losing their confidence because something didn't turn out like the 'books' or their teacher said. If you want to read more about being successful in the HT business look up my Q & A's on the subject on the FOR THE THERAPIST pages. Forget all the people who teach others by giving them the illusion that they will win every time if they are just confident. B.S. to that!!! Have fun being a great HT, and great success to you.





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