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Presenting in a School Situation


I wonder if you can give me some tips.  I have to make a speech to our local high school on the use of hypnotherapy for school children, addressing teachers and children in the same room.  I want to address the fact that most families have both parents working nowadays and they therefore do not have enough time to take care of everything in their children’s lives.  In saying this, I do not want them to feel that their parents are failing them.  Also if you can advise on some other topics to talk about.


First thing I would say to you when working with a school group of any kind is to avoid mentioning the word hypnosis if you can – call it deep relaxation, visualization techniques, releasing the creative mind, or whatever. This is because you don’t want parents complaining that their kids were being brainwashed due to their own ignorance of what hypnosis is.    

I usually describe my job as helping guide children and adults into their own resources; I help them discover the power of their own minds, and their creativity.  Then I do a series of convincers with them, asking after each about their experiences and what they think is going on.  This allows me to add mini-talks about the connection of what we think and our muscles responses to what we are thinking.

Once I do that, then I can feel free to address the group concerning their issues.  In your case, I would probably ask the students how they see this as helpful to them in school; and I would ask the parents how they would see this helpful in their own lives and relationship to their children? From their responses you will be able to relate the “hypnotic” methods further.





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