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Panic going into hypnosis


I had this client who came to me, whose life includes sexual abuse.  She went into a panic when I had her close her eyes to start hypnosis. She came out of it right away and didn’t want to continue. However, she did make an appointment for another visit. I would like to know what to do with her the next visit. Do you have scripts to suggest that can help with this? I have most of your books. Anything you can suggest will be better than what happened.  I’m wondering if she needs “regression”, like maybe a past life is involved that’s making her panic.


Or, maybe she had the experience, when small, of having the perpetrator cover her mouth or even choke her - not everything is out of a past life.  I don't blame her for starting to panic - the subconscious has no concept of time, so that little child is still just as active now as ever, and doesn't even know that time has passed.  When she is led to close her eyes and feels herself start to go into a zone of "not quite in control", of course she will panic - it's what she probably experienced before, and thinks she's experiencing again. 

So, maybe having her keep her eyes open until they just want to close naturally is a start, or just having her use a pendulum or concentrating on her breath, without having to worry about becoming relaxed with eyes closed, etc. might help abate the fear.

Another possibility is to read a story to her, as you would a child.  If you have the book, Hypnotherapy Scripts: A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing, by Ronald A. Havens and Catherine Walters; 1989; Brunner/Mazel, NY, you'll find A QUIET BIRTH to be especially helpful.  I'd then follow it by some story of a child (especially a girl) finding courage in some way, such as slaying a dragon. 

As to scripts, check in the Great Escapes volumes you have, or go to single scripts on my web site for the following:

1.  While she just sits quietly in the chair, without worrying about whether she's being "hypnotized," you might consider reading the script to her on problem–solution finding that releases the past imprints causing whatever symptoms she came to you with. (GE Vol. III).

2.  An exceptionally helpful method, either to follow or do at the next visit, is Releasing the Child Self (or Adult-Child). In this, you call out the child who was first abused (and any other ages involved) and remind her that time has changed, and she no longer has to worry about being afraid, etc.  She is now a powerful adult, able to handle her life without fear. She can love the little girl part of her, now. (This entire method is in GE Vol. V)  

3.  Another method I use with anyone who has suffered abuse is to be in room sitting at a table facing the abuser, in which there can be a dialogue created. (See “Unmasking the Past, Vol. III)

4.  These sessions could be followed with other scripts related to releasing the past (Vol. III).

I hope this is helpful. I’ll be interested in hearing how you do with this client.






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