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Night Terrors and a Resistant Child

I have an 8 year old client whose parents brought to me for what clearly appears to be past life bleed thru in her dreams...dreams that are frightening and probably full of terror.  She says she doesn't remember the dreams although she's been screaming out in her sleep even before she could actually talk. What is your suggestion for proceeding? I've seen her twice – the first time I made her a calming tape. The second time I did a past life regression, which she wasn't particularly interested in hearing about. Please give me some input in how to respond to and deal with the 8 year old's resistance, so that she won't have to go thru life with these terrorizing dreams.

The first thing I'd do with her is to adapt the problem-solution finding script (Volume I of GREAT ESCAPES).  If she is cooperative about relaxing, closing her eyes, etc., you can read the script that way.  If she isn't then you could have her color some kind of diagram or other "pictureless" page (especially where the image goes “inward”), while you read the suggestions to her. After that, I'd work with the nightmares more directly.  Is the child cooperative with you enough to allow you to walk into her dream with her?  She doesn't have to remember it - just tell her you are both going into dreamland, and because you're with her, she'll be safe.  You could also ask her (ahead of that) if she has any special "hero/heroine" who isn't afraid, whom she can take with her, as well.  Then ask her, during the process, what she is seeing as she travels through dreamland.  Once she is comfortable with that place, you could then venture into the "place of not-so-nice dreams," or "the place of scary dreams," or some such place.





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