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Night Terrors


I am a hypnotist who has been using your scripts from Great Escapes for over 10 years. They are by far the most in depth and effective scripts I have ever found, so thank you!

I have an adult female who is about to see me for the first visit. She has been suffering from night terrors. Do you have any suggestions or any specific scripts you might recommend? I am trained to do past life regression, and I think I may use that in trying to unlock what is at the core of the night terrors. Thank you in advance for any help you may have for me.


If you are skilled with regression work, go for it!  If you feel your client might be nervous about you using that technique early in your relationship, then you might wish to start with the problem seeking & solving script (Great Escapes, Vol. III, or as an individual script in my web site’s e-store). This encourages asking the deeper mind to seek out the imprints causing this problem, and then changing it to something more fitting to the client at this time in their journey. For many clients, this is all they need; for others they really want to know just what is, so regression is the better choice.  Sometimes I start with the “problem-solver” and then follow with regression at the next session. I almost always use an ideomotor questionnaire prior to doing regression to make sure that is the right course of action.  Other than this I have no specific scripts regarding “night terrors”, since I use more general suggestions related to fears, anxiety, sleep, etc. With children, often I will have them choose an animal that is the bravest of them all and, at bedtime, pretend to be that animal, who always protects them as they sleep.






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