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Military PTSD (Post Traumatic Disorder)


        I have a new client whom I have spoken to over the phone, but not met yet. He was in Iraq for several months and has severe PTSD.  He stutters and describes being unable to cope with many things that did not bother him previously.  He is seeing a therapist at the VA who changes his medication, but whose treatment has not seemed to help.  He has difficulty sleeping, is very uncomfortable around people and has extreme anxiety.  Have you handled any clients with PTSD?  What seemed to help the most?  Do you have any suggestions?  I sensed real urgency in his voice.  Thanks for your positive thoughts and healing energy directed to this young man as well as your sharing of your experience and ideas.    



           I have handled this, and with soldiers.  First of all, I use my problem-solving script, which seeks out the imprints causing the presenting problem, and changes those imprints into something more helpful to him at this particular time of his life.  After that, I may call up any incidents or people that are "haunting" him, and have him dialogue with them, seeking their forgiveness, if necessary, or whatever else his unconscious self decides is necessary.  Since I don't know the details, this method is merely a possibility.

            Depending upon what his experiences were.  I have also found it helpful to call forth the soldier part of him who was of a particular age at the time of that incident/trauma.  I remind that part of the person that time has passed and that he is no longer in that situation (From the perspective of the unconscious self, that imprint is still there at the time and age it happened; that part doesn’t know time has passed – he still thinks “it” is happening, right now!). I tell that part he is now safe, and all that happened before is just a set of thoughts - memories that cannot hurt him (or the people he might have harmed).  I follow this with forward-looking, positive suggestions of a future filled with joy and confidence.






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