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Inductions for Non-Visual Persons


    I have not had a single client so far that has not responded to an induction easily, or with some patience. However, my current client was in a light trance state, yet complained of disliking all visualizing and any "work" while in trance.  So I am trying to think of how, if possible, a session could be worked around that request, or if that is possible.


     Personally, I have never been good at visualizing.  And I’ve never enjoyed progressive relaxation, because it bores me, but not enough to get me into a hypnotic state.  

     In some cases I use progression if I’m teaching someone how to relax – but, usually, I do it “physically”, rather than having the client “think” of relaxing (In fact, I rarely use the word relax with this type of client.) In this method, I have the client tighten up a set of muscles from head to toe (or the reverse); or, for some clients, here and there on the body, randomly, to add “confusion” to the mix. 

    Most of the time, with non-visual people, I just talk to them, educating them about hypnosis along the way; this is a little more direct (My script “First Visit Induction”).

     For the more visual, I start out with some non-visual suggestions and instructions, and then switch into a trip through several natural settings, not stopping along the way; a little more indirect (My script “Relax in Nature”, based upon Havens and Walters’ work).  

     If you don’t have the book, Hypnotherapy Scripts: A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing, by Ronald A. Havens and Catherine Walters; 1989; Brunner/Mazel, NY, you may wish to add it to your library, for they have some wonderful inductions and metaphors that are quite indirect.  Also, on my web site’s store there is a section on inductions divided by visual and non-visual, that I’ve used with specific clients based on their responses, which have been just as useful for other clients in over 25 years of doing this work.  You could scan over them and see if any strike your fancy, if that you feel might be helpful to your client.







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