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Inductions for Nervous Children


Del, How do I induce into the hypnotic state a child who is around 11, but quite antsy?


In my GREAT ESCAPES Volumes I, IV and VII you’ll find a number of inductions usable with children of various ages. Below are three ways that might be helpful to you with the age you mention. These all involve the child being a participant in a more concrete way than just giving verbal suggestions, for instance, to relax. An “antsy” or ADHD child will be more likely to respond to something that has them actively participating.

The Pendulum

First have the child hold a pendulum (can be a simple item that has a hole for a string) in front of their eyes. Have them try to move it back and forth, then in circles, using only their imagination. Explain the positive responses by indicating how powerful their mind is. Therefore, it will be just as powerful in (solving their problem). You can then use the pendulum to move into an induction, as follows:

Every time the pendulum moves back and forth

your eyelids keep getting heavier and heavier…

And your eyes keep feeling sleepier and sleepier…

Your eyelids want to close, more and more… (Repeat the patter, if necessary.)

And you feel drowsier and drowsier,,,

sleepier and sleepier…

And it feels so good to let your eyes close completely…

If child hasn’t yet closed their eyes:

When I touch your forehead, gently,

automatically, this will cause your eyelids to close.

The Colored Circle (or Finger Dot)

Place a colored circle sticker on the palm of one hand, or on your forefinger. You can draw a face on it, if you wish.

Now, keep watching that circle/face…

That circle/face will start to move closer,,,

and closer,,,

to your nose…

And your eyes will keep getting sleepier,,,

and sleepier,,,

The closer that circle/face comes to your face, the sleepier you’ll get…

And when the circle/face touches your nose,,,

your eyes will close, completely,

and you’ll be in a deep, magical sleep…

You’ll be able to hear and understand everything I say to you…

And it’s fun,,,

It’s easy.

The Coin Induction

Place a 50-cent piece into palm of child’s hand (or any coin they have not seen much).

Your hand wants to keep turning slowly,,, slowly,,,

And that 50-cent piece wants to fall off your hand onto the floor…

As soon as that 50-cent piece falls on the floor, your eyes will close,,,

And you’ll be in a deep, wonderful-feeling sleep,

in which you can hear and understand everything…

And, afterwards, we’ll find that 50-cent piece,,,

And you can keep it.





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