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Helping the Spiritual Dimension

My client came to me to get help in dealing with spsirits who come to her at unexpected times. It has been a distraction to her ability to stay focused in her day-to-day life. For instance, as an elementary school teacher, she was recently speaking to a child who had lost her father to a suicide. Shortly afterwards, the spirit of the deceased father lingered over her and seemed to want to speak to her. Another time, because she is also a professional dancer, she was taking a dance class and the spirit of the dance teacher's mother communicated to my client that she wanted to talk to her daughter. My client conveyed this information to the teacher of the dance class, whose mother was deceased. I've seen her for two sessions. The first session connected her with a past life in which she was a very powerful healer; and introduced her to an angel which is working with her. The second session led me to releasing attached entities from her body, one of them being a deceased pet dog. The client said she felt much "lighter" after the session. My intuition is to continue to strengthen the aura and amount of Light which my client can hold; to learn to raise her vibration so that she will not attract unwanted spirits; & to adopt a regular practice of meditation. With this ability, there are so many positive and powerful ways in which she can help others. She has also dealt with drug/alcohol abuse and a dysfunctional family. Healing of her inner pain and self-love seem to be issues she needs to contend with before she can truly come into her power. I do understand that before she can use this ability to help others for their highest good, she has to do a lot of inner healing. There is nothing I nor anyone else can do, until she is ready to look at the pain she has experienced in this lifetime. I also have the possibility of working with a young 17-year-old who has this ability. I enjoy working with, and attract clients who are on distinct spiritual paths, and this is the bulk and target of my work as a Hypnotherapist. Please comment and share your experiences when you have time.

Your intuitions about what to do with this woman seem on target. She needs rituals of light, in which angels of cleansing and healing are called for, including those that protect. If "angels" don't seem appropriate for her, then "holy guides" of some type are needed. Strengthening the aura with light seems important. Someone who has such developed upper Chakras needs to be very grounded. So, if you work with Chakras, you may wish to work with the lower ones to some significant degree - cleansing and clearing the upper ones - empowering the lower ones. In working with the light for her, and her Auric shield, I would have her first imagine her spinal energy cord running deeply into the earth before doing the Chakra work. Hope that's helpful. Let me know how things proceed. And, thanks for writing to me about this.





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