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Fear of Snakes


I have a client who has a powerful fear of snakes.  This keeps her from entering many areas, in which she is no doubt safe.  She believes she isn’t.  I have tried several things with her in terms of “re-programming”, but nothing has taken hold, as yet.  Do you have some further suggestions?


My first suggestion regarding your client has to do with going for the initiating imprints that are causing her fear.  In the books you purchased from me a few years back, Volume III (and Vol. II) of the Great Escapes series, you will find the Problem-Solution-Finding script which encourages the deeper mind to seek out the imprints causing her fears, and changing them to who she is NOW, who no longer wants to be afraid.  You can even include, “such as the ones involved in and surrounding the particular fear of snakes.” Perhaps you have already used that method. (For those who do not have this book, you will find the script available on my web site’s e-store under “Single Scripts”.)

Some possibilities, following that, if she visualizes well, is that of imagining herself tying various sizes of ropes, feeling great as she does, noticing the feel of the ropes, etc. This is an indirect way of coming at “snakes” as being less fearful.

And/or you might tell a story that involves her in an adventure (or insert it as an image in the induction), in which she has several animals that accompany her wherever she goes, protecting  her at every height, for instance - a bird, owl or eagle that soars over her head guiding her way; a lion or panther that walks beside her protecting her body; and a snake (perhaps along with a lizard) at her feet guiding where she walks.  

Those are just off the top of my head. Let your imagination flow. Good luck, and let me know how it goes.






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