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Fear of Flying

Do you have a script or tape that I could use to help a client with their fear of flying? I'm a new hypnotherapist who has little experience in that area.

I don't have a particular script that I've written out, at this point, when it comes to the fear of flying or other travel fears. What I use, after using my traditional "problem-solving" script (GREAT ESCAPES, Volume II or its revision in Volume III), is anything on calming anxiety (You'll find a special script or two in GE Vol.III). Once I've done that, then the next session(s) is devoted, primarily, to having the client walk through their steps from first learning they will fly until they get off the plane at their destination. It helps to anchor any positive experiences, once you get to those points. For instance, a common way to anchor is to have the client put their thumb and forefinger together whenever they feel good. (Personally, I'm opposed to the idea of anchoring bad feelings by the therapist putting their hand on one arm, shoulder or hand, and the on the other side for good feelings. This type of anchor can backfire, later on, when someone happens to touch them. It's better for the client to anchor only the good experience, and to do it themselves, rather than the therapist.) Some therapists find it helpful to have the client use an imaginary thermometer, in which they have the mercury rise to the highest point of their anxiety. Each time they go through the visualization (accompanied by positive suggestions related to how they are feeling throughout the experience), they use the thermometer to determine if it's any lower (with assumption, of course, that the lower the mercury, the less intense the feelings.) Good luck.





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