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Fear of Dogs


Dear Del, I've been working with a client, 10 year old girl, who has a fear of dogs.  She wants a dog desperately but her fear stops her mom from getting her the dog.  I did some fast phobia NLP stuff, regression to cause, and other techniques.  She leaves feeling really good, however she resorts (going) back to her fear as soon as a dog is near. She is a very intelligent girl.  When working with her imagination, she often interrupts saying that she can imagine it but knows it's not real.  I'm supposed to see her tomorrow.  Any ideas with this one since I'm getting to the point that I don't think I can help her.


Here are a few possibilities you could try with your client.

 1)  Have her recall her first encounter with a dog that frightened her; then change the picture by having the dog be very calm and sweet, with her petting it.  In other words, change the memory. Ask her how she feels (usually better). Then ask which memory she prefers, and tell her that new memory will now be with her for the rest of her life.  Make sure she has some caution built in so she doesn't go up to any dog and pet it from now on.

2)  Use the problem-solving script in Great Escapes, Volumes 2, 3 or 4 to get at the imprints that are the source of her fear, and change them to something more helpful in this time, in which she loves dogs.

3)  Use any of the so-called "dumping" scripts in my books, or any technique that allows her to get rid of her fear of dogs - a balloon released in the air, a box in which she puts her fear then buries it or puts it on a shelf, a rock she throws in the water - anything like that.  She could include dumping any other problems she might be having, as well.







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