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Difficulty Inducting Client

I have a client who is really stressed out and discouraged with life, and carries a lot of anger and fear. She will not go into a hypnotic trance, even though I have tried four different induction methods. I can see tension leave her body, but she won't go into that altered state. When I mention a place of peace and security, the tears roll down her face. Her background includes several times of great anxiety.

I appreciate your frustration, and certainly know the experience. Regarding the induction, have you tried any of the following: suggested that she need not close her eyes if she doesn't want to; that she can relax as far as she is able; that she can go into a deep trance immediately or let your voice take her into whatever trance state she's willing to go; that she will find the answers to her problems no matter what level she is in; that even the suggestion that she can merely close her eyes will allow her to receive whatever her deeper mind wants for her? Do whatever relieves her of the feeling that she has to "perform" in order for something to really occur, even going into a hypnotic trance. I've had clients where it doesn't matter how deep they go, just that they be open to absorbing what I say, believing that their own mind will receive whatever is helpful, and will reject anything that isn't appropriate for them. As to finding ways to release her pain, anxiety and anger, I know that you use my scripts, so I would follow the above with the script on problem-solving, located in GREAT ESCAPES, Vol II, and the Revision in Volume III. This particular process doesn't require that either of you know what the problem is; only your belief that her deeper mind can search out the causal factors and change them into something more helpful to her now, in this time of her life. There are also several scripts, in Volume III, that have to do with releasing the past. That section includes speaking to the 'little girl" to help her understand that time has passed. The subconscious mind doesn't know that - Everything is NOW! It may not be the little girl - maybe something occurred when she was older. In that case you can speak to whatever ages were involved in the previous anxious and angry times she's experienced. As for the tears, why not use them to create an emotional bridge of regression, by having her go back to the last time she experienced the tears, and then the time before that. Then, ask her to go to the first time she felt the way she's feeling now. With each experience, find out from the subconscious self just what she needs to do to release that, or else have her create a new, more positive, memory of the experience. Let me know how these processes work for this particular client.





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