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     I am currently working with your wonderful scripts in a year-long weight-loss program for an individual client with severe health problems. Added to her obesity is an inoperable heart condition, insulin dependent diabetes for 32 years, high blood pressure, and severe breathing difficulties. 

     I have worked with her for 5 sessions, and though she is less stressed, doing food combining and eating less and better, she has not lost any weight.  I am wondering if it is her diabetes (compounded with the fact that her shortness of breath means she can’t exercise) and insulin use that is holding onto the weight.  Her Doctor once took her off insulin for a short period of time and her weight plummeted without any dietary changes, but it was necessary to put her back onto it.  Her eating habits are good.  Do you have any experience in addressing Diabetes as an illness itself?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.


     As you no doubt know, the unconscious mind is running the body, along with most everything else, so with this client, I would probably use such images as the healing light, etc. or a cleansing technique, such as a waterfall.  I would probably add suggestions, during "healing and cleansing," that indicate their body is able to transform any unhealthy cells into perfect cells; and that any glands not doing their proper job, including the spleen, are being transformed into healthy glands with healthy systems. 

     Before going further with her, I would use a problem solving system where you ask the deeper mind to seek out whatever imprints are causing her diabetes, and to change them to something more helpful to her at this point in her life. 

     Since she can’t do regular exercise, she should at least be doing something like gentle yoga stretches or Tai Chi, which keeps the lymph system flowing, and can help with releasing some of the weight.  It would probably bring down her blood pressure, as well. 





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