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Depression & Past Abuse


       I will be seeing a gentleman in the next two weeks for a consultation, who has had depression most of his life. He's now in his early 40's.   He has sought treatment from several counselors, but finds that all the talking does not seem to help.   He believes he was abused as a child, but can't remember details.   I am a little concerned as I have not dealt with someone who has been abused, and he does not say what kind of abuse.  I am presuming sexual abuse.   My concern is that if this is not the case, and because he has this in his mind, it may have a detrimental effect on his treatment.  Is this someone that I can help or do I need to refer him to someone else?  I do deal with depression, but have not dealt with abuse as such. Any advice would be helpful.



       If you're fairly new to the issue of depression and the possibility of abuse, my recommendation is that you refer him to a counselor who does hypnosis - they are around. You can tell him that you want him to get the best of care, and you feel he needs a specialist in hypnotic and counseling techniques. It would be worth your while to even make a few calls, if you haven't done so before, even if it means leaving messages on people's machines - first to any other HTs in your area, and then to some counselors. Ask them what they specialize in and whether they use hypnosis in their practice.  This will give you a list of people you can recommend for such problems until you feel more confident about them. 

        I believe healing past abuse and dealing with depression are specialties that require special training, and are handled best by someone who is as skilled in counseling as they are in hypnotic methods. 







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