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Demonstrating Hypnosis to Young People

Have you any ideas for demonstrating hypnosis to a public school classroom?

What a great opportunity. In a public school I'm thinking you don't even have to call what you do with the class "hypnosis." This would avoid having to have parents sign something, which makes it far more ominous than it needs to be. Even in highschool, where I've been asked to demonstrate straight hypnotic work in psychology classes, it's been necessary for the teacher to get the parent's okay's. To avoid this, you could relate hypnosis to the use of the imagination. Have fun with group convincers like the pail of water on one hand and balloons tied to the other, or tasting lemons, or magnetic fingers, etc. One of the best, in terms of showing the children how powerful their minds are, is to help them make pendulums with plain metal nuts on strings. They then try to (just with their minds) make them go back and forth, and then in a circle. I use this with all of my child clients when they first come to me, and it's a real winner. They can't wait to show their parents at the end of the session. After the convincers, ask the children if they want to have even more fun with their imaginations. I would take them on an imaginary journey by having them close their eyes and imagine themselves in a beautiful garden. Then, take them down a path of the garden where they will meet interesting animals. Each animal they meet bestows something special upon them: courage, confidence, intelligence, etc. Tell them that whenever they need that special quality they can pretend they are that particular animal. Or, I'd have them meet a wonderful magician in the garden by a beautiful pool in the garden. The magician would put a cloak on them, which gives them wonderful powers in school--faster reading, better writing, getting their homework done more easily, etc. Just a few ideas to play with. Have fun, and good luck.





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