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Children with Mood Swings and Uncontrollable Temper

My wonderful 7 year old has been plagued by this since she was about 5 months old, and although I have tried EFT, Whole Life Healing, and standard Hypnosis, she is not responding. She love doing "Hypno" with me, but I don't get that she is really going deeply, and I think the suggestions I am giving her are either too "old" for her, or she is too bored with the whole thing. Any suggestions?

Probably someone else is always going to work better with one's own child. You might find someone in your area, even if you furnished the suggestions for them to use with the child. I have worked quite a bit with anger-management, but its usually been with 10 to 12 year olds and older. It would be interesting to know what went on when she was that young that set in those imprints of responding with her temper. It isn't always something psychologically related to the family or parents--could be just as easily from television or stories, or even the womb or past life experiences coming into play. For this reason, there are two types of scripts I refer to, which can be adapted to a 7-year old, I'm sure. One of them is in GREAT ESCAPES Vol. IV (Additional Scripts for Children and Pre-Teens, which has just been published) -- I believe its called LOCATING AND SOLVING THE PROBLEM: IMPRINT CHANGING FOR CHILDREN. The other script I would use is one that has been prepared for GREAT ESCAPES Vol. III (Additional Scripts for Adults and Youth). Although made for older clients, it could be adapted for use with children. It consists of Light Rituals designed to remove anything that is not OF the person--in case there is energy of something or someone else interfering with the child, or some tie that is unhealthy. I have often found that anger comes from such strange sources, unless there is some definite emotional and psychological reason from the child's family and personal experiences. I hope this all makes some sense. Also, you could take a look at the script I wrote out for my 6 year old client who was having a lot of self-esteem issues. It's called BEING ANIMALS. It strikes me that this type of process in using the child's imagination might work, especially if she likes animals. For instance, you might ask her what animal she thinks is the softest, quietest, and calmest of all animals. Then continue with the types of suggestions I've given in that script. Another thing that would be helpful to her, I feel, is to use the STAR, TREE & GARDEN meditation at night as a sort of bedtime story (from GREAT ESCAPES, Vol I, Scripts for Children). It doesn't have to be used all at once, but can be divided into parts, if preferred. Follow it with some of the AFFIRMATIONS for children, such as the ones on confidence and on going to sleep.





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