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Books on Working with Children


I’ve had a difficult time finding good books on working with children. Do you have any recommendations?



A good number of my readers have expressed interest in using hypnotic methods to work with children and pre-teens, and have asked me about books available for this age group.  There is not a great deal of really good materials out there, but below is the best I have found thus far.  I've included a resource page of games, toys, puppets and other therapeutic items for the counselor, hypnotherapist, parent, teacher, etc., who work with children and younger youth.  The bibliography also is included in the GREAT ESCAPES volumes of scripts and other resources for working with this age group.


Related to Imaginative Work with Children

Clinical Hypnosis with Children, by William C. Wester II, Ed. D., and Donald J. O’Grady, Ph.D., 1991, published by Brunner/Mazel, Inc.

 Great Escapes Script Series for Those who Work with Children and Pre-Teens, Volume I (2000), Volume IV (2003) and Volume VII (2008), by Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., published by New Beginnings (3217 North Mason Avenue, Tacoma, Washington USA 98407; (253) 383-5757 or (888) 663-5757 (toll-free); http://www.hypnocenter.com; delmorrill@hypnocenter.com)

 Great Escapes Student Workbook, Children and Hypnotic Methods, a companion book to Great Escapes Volume I, 2002 (also by Del Hunter Morrill, as above) NOTE: Full course available to work directly with author and teacher of this curriculum for a period of up to 2 years: $750 ($700 if paid ahead and in full, with free e-mail or phone consultation during the course, and after certification.)

Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors, an American Society of Clinical Hypnosis book, ed. by D. Corydon Hammond, Ph. D., 1990, published by W.W. Norton & Company

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Children, by G. Gail Gardner, Ph.D., and Karen Olness, M.D., 1981, published by Grune & Stratton, Inc.

Hypnotherapist’s Guide to a Creative Practice: a Collection of Scripts, Processes and Case Histories, The, ed. by Katherine Zimmerman, C.Ht., 1999, published by the editor (www.TranceTime.com; Info@TranceTime.com)

Hypnotic Inductions and Prescriptions, Volume I (1989); Volume II (1993), by E. Arthur Winkler, Th. D., Ph.D., published by St. John’s University Publications (31916 University Circle, Springfield LA 70462; 225-294-2129; stjohns@I-55.com)

Once Upon a Time…(Therapeutic Stories), by Nancy Davis, 1990, Revised Edition (has a second volume as well – 3-ring notebooks), self-published (9836 Natick Road, Burke, VA 22015; 703-978-4321)

Starbright Meditations for Children (1991) and Moonbeam: A Book of Meditations for Children, both by Maureen Garth, (1992), published by HarperCollins Publishers

Stories for the Third Ear: Using Hypnotic Fables in Psychotherapy, by Lee Wallas, 1985, published by W. W. Norton and Company

Therapeutic Metaphors for Children, by Joyce C. Mills and Richard J. Crowley, 1986, published by Brunner/Mazel, Inc.




CREATIVE THERAPY STORE, published by Western Psychological Services; a catalogue of toys, games, books and activities, which aid one’s work with feelings, anger control, behavior, parenting, abuse, social skills, self esteem, ADD, school skills, stress & coping skills, and others. (800-648-8857) Western Psychological Services, 12031 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90025-1251)

DAISY PRESS offers a catalogue of Supportive Books & Tools for Kids & Adults (Includes support for parents and educators, workbooks for kids, audiocassette tapes, games and developmental affirmations.  Also offers many resources in Spanish.  (763-473-1840) Daisy Press, 16535 - 9th Avenue North, Plymouth MN 55447 

CHILDSWORK CHILDSPLAY, A Guidance Channel Company’s catalogue of over 450 resources to address the social and emotional needs of children and adolescents. (800-962-1141) 135 Dupont Street, P.O. Box 7760, Plainview NY 11803

MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD, a Catalogue on Family Communications, offering books for adults and families, music, videos, toys & gifts, and puppets. (877-677-6437, http;//www.misterrogers.org) Family Communications, 4802 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213

TOYS, INC, a Sunny & Company catalogue of full length and glove puppets, and marionettes designed for therapeutic role-playing and other techniques. (407-826-4910, http://www.allpuppets.com, ezgibbon@aol.com) Sunny & Co. Toys, Inc., P. O. Box 771673, Orlando FL 32877

SMILEMAKERS, a catalogue of “Small Prizes for Big Smiles” includes theme, personalized, and medical stickers, waiting room toys and other items, toys, pencils and other small gift items for the child patient. (800-825-8085, http://www.smilemakers.com)  SmileMakers, P.O. Box 2543, Spartanburg, SC 29304







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