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Book for Traumatized Children

I wrote to you a short while ago about a little girl I was seeing for enuresis. And you very promptly responded and for that I thank you. I am having a little crisis of confidence getting started in this business and your prompt reply spurred me on. To make a long story short, when she came in today she was quite matter of fact about the fact that she had been dry all week. I could have jumped over the moon and she was calm as could be. Dry all week. How is that possible you ask? Because anything is possible if you want it enough. And I guess she finally wanted it enough. I have been doing a lot of ego strengthening with her as well as teaching her how to remove her worries and put them someplace i.e. worry tree, cloud etc. I gave her a book to write in and sometimes she draws pictures. She mentioned at one of our sessions that she was worried her mom and dad were going to be killed. It's no wonder that she is wetting the bed. She really enjoys our sessions and it has become a bit of a special occasion for her so I plan to continue working with her even after she completely licks the bedwetting. Today in our session she chose to draw me her special place. A swimming pool with just her and I swimming in it. I feel privileged to be allowed into her safe, comfortable place. I don't have the experience or qualifications to deal with a lot of this little girl's issues but I hope to play a role in making her new life here with her new family a pleasant one. If you have any great book recommendations for kids living with trauma I would love some suggestions. Thanks again for your help.

I'd so delighted with your feedback and story of your work with this client. It's great that you are persisting. I know you'll be a help to many. As to a book to help a child - I'm unsure whether you mean a book for a therapist or one for the child. Therapists will find a book of stories that were especially written for children of trauma, which are intended for therapists to use in their practice: Once Upon a Time, by Nancy Davis (it's in notebook form and should be able to be obtained thru Amazon.) For children, send (or call) for the following catalogues: Western Psychological Service's CREATIVE THERAPY STORE (800-648-8857); DAISY PRESS's Supportive Books & Tools for Kids and Adults (jiconsults@aol.com; 763-473-1840), and CHILDSWORK CHILDSPLAY, A Guidance Channel Company (1-800-962-1141) www.childwork.com. Good luck.





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