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Being Bullied & Difficulty with School


The mother of an 11 year old boy is bringing him in for hypnotherapy. He is new to our country, and is being bullied at school. He says that they tell him this is their country (not his). It seems that he feels powerless, and perhaps not at home, yet. He has been raised to be considerate and respectful... a group of older boys have targeted him. School is involved, but it is limited in helping. 

Any suggestions to helping him feel at home in his new Country? He is with Mom and Dad and his pets. (dogs and cat). Also, where he is living - he has to watch out for bears. Being an animal lover, he also is stressed and confused over trophy hunters.


Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head. 

(1) Use his interests (animal lover) and create an adventure for him that includes his pets.  He might be met by a bear who becomes his guide into this dream-like state.  Because he should have a healthy fear of bears, due to where he lives, create some limit to how the bear and he will interact, so that he is “safe”.  Let the story evolve in such a way that he becomes larger and taller and experiences empowerment.  He can meet the bullies in his adventure and find a way to “handle” them and their bullying.  If you dialogue with him while he is hypnotized you can have him tell you what he sees and does, and enable him to find ways to conquer his fears.

(2) Use parts therapy to speak to the one that is afraid or nervous about being in a new school.  Find out how the fear is trying to help him, and have it calm down (not needed right now because he is safe) and bring out the courageous part of him.  Ask that part how it can help him.  Let him then name that part, and tell him he can call it forth any time he feels fearful or “not at home”.

(3)  Recreate a scene of him being bullied, and have him determine a solution to how to handle it so the boys leave him alone, that will, of course, keep him from being bullied further.

(4)  There is a story I created for kids who move to a new place called the Rainbow People. It is one of the single scripts in my Store under Children, and can be downloaded.

(5)  I would want to chat with him about where he came from and what does he miss the most.  What does he like about his new country?  What might he learn to like if given the change? What would need to happen for that to occur? Etc.





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