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I am working with a 14-year-old boy who continues to wet the bed. Most slips are on the weekend. In most other respects he is normal. Academically lazy but still passing. He plays guitar, and is a marksman with rifle, pistol and shotgun. Dad is somewhat domineering but not to an extreme. ISE appears to be a nap at nursery school where he woke up wet and was made fun of. He has improved after each session. He goes into trance very well. Please share your thoughts and ideas!


Have you tried the following?

1.  The method of asking the mind to seek out whatever imprints, whether mental or physical, are causing the bedwetting problem and changing them into something more helpful to him in this time of his life? 

2.  Calling forth the little boy at about the age most boys stop wetting the bed and bringing him up to this time and place (he will be “stuck” in the spot where he seemed unable to be dry, and doesn’t realize time has changed) – for this boy it would probably be at the ISE time – so call out that age boy. He becomes your client for that few moments.

3.  Did you find out whether he is a very deep sleeper?  If he is then suggestions may have to be stronger in that direction (getting him to easily awaken as soon as his body feels the bladder getting full) than in the direction of “stop wetting the bed.”  The reason I raise this possibility is that you say it is worse on weekends, and that is when his body is giving him permission to sleep deeper and longer than when it is “tensed” ready for school.

4. When hypnotized, go to the smaller boy and ask him who his hero is – often the father, but it could be a marksman.  Then ask him whether he likes being with his father. After finding out if he wants to be like him (marksman or other hero), then ask if he thinks either one wets the bed. If they don’t, then why should he?  Follow with suggestions re: #3 or other suggestions you’ve found helpful in quitting the bedwetting.  

5.  I assume you have asked the parents about their various ways through the years of dealing with their son’s bedwetting.  Tell them to “lay off” if they are still doing it.  It can either exacerbate the problem by humiliating him or give him the attention he wants – neither is helpful in stopping. Sometimes it’s hard to be “strong” with parents, but think of yourself as a medical doctor of the mind and you with the authority to tell them what needs to happen if they want to help their son.

This is just off the top of my head right now; hope its helpful in some way – although you may have done it all.






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