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          I'm hoping that maybe you can help me with a 14 year old client who I've seen for 5 sessions with absolutely no success!   My client is a 14-year-old white female who looks and acts like a 10 year old.  She is anorexic, currently weighing 72 lbs and thinks she's very fat. That's why her mother brought her in to see me.  Her parents had brought her to several psychotherapists in the past and my client didn't like any of them.  She does like me and has really bonded with me.  I have been unable to get her very deep because she's very untrusting...even with me.  She has a very hard time relaxing.  I've attempted to regress her with no success.  When I regress her, she doesn't "see" anything. 

            She has a very low self-esteem and believes that nobody likes her.  She believes that people will like her if she is skinny.  She also already talks about wanting to get liposuction and she exercises compulsively.

             I've tried direct suggestion, regression, lots of visualization etc., with no success.  As far as the eating disorder goes... she does not want help and I'm thinking that's why the hypnosis isn't working.  But I don't understand why the hypnosis is not working to build her self-esteem.  She appears to be a polarity responder. Also, mother home-schools her because my client thinks that the kids at school don't like her.

            I've used your following scripts: Pendulum Transition into Induction, The Rainforest Pool, Uncovering Root Cause (Using Ideomotor Questioning), Breaking Chains, Dealing w/ Finicky Eaters # 1 (because she won't eat food with fat, etc.), Dealing w/ Shyness and Lack of Confidence, and the following inductions: The Star-Tree-Garden, Blowing Up Balloons, The Seashore, and Relaxing in Nature; those, plus my own direct suggestions for self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance etc.   

        Any input would be greatly appreciated.  She supposed to come in again, soon, but I'm concerned about having her come in for another session when what I've done so far isn't working.  I hope to hear from you.  Thanks so much!  


         I can’t fault you for persisting, colleague.  In normal cases, the things you’ve done would work, but evidently not with this little lady.  The only other script I feel would be helpful to her, as long as she is willing to be hypnotized, is the Problem-solving script in Great Escapes, Volume IV (a longer version for adults is in Volume III). This is one in which you request the inner mind to seek out whatever problem is causing the “symptoms” of low self-esteem; at another time, the same for what is causing the “anorexia” (which may or may not be related – even though I think they are).              

         Personally, no longer will I take anorexic clients because, to my way of thinking, they fall under the category of “addiction.” As long as a person keeps “using” you cannot really help an addicted person.  I quit working with such people when I wearied of hearing how they wanted help but did not want to gain any weight.  I know you are aware that you cannot force hypnosis on anyone!  You say you do not know why HT will not at least work with self-esteem, but I believe that self-esteem IS the major problem tied in with the eating issue.  As long as she does not want to put on weight or change because she BELIEVES it is what will make her liked by others, you’ll not be able to help her.  I wish I could be more encouraging with this. 

             I wish you well with this; however, it sounds to me like her parents are more eager for the change than she is.  The thing going for you is that she likes you.  But remember this, an addict LIES. They will be friends with you; they will assure you they want to change.  Nevertheless, as long as they want to continue the “addiction” they will not change.   

          Sometimes you can shake up a client by telling them you can’t work with them any longer because, despite what they say or think consciously, their deeper mind is saying NO to any help; and that, therefore, you must draw a halt to the sessions.  I have had some clients suddenly turn around and get serious about the work after being this blunt with them.   

          I do wish you the best with this, and hope you can prove me wrong. Let me know how it goes.   





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