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Addng Hypnosis to a Practice

I am a Master's of Social Work student and I am considering studying hypnosis to add it to my private practice when I graduate... ...The course I am considering is on videotape and the students meet weekly to exercise what we have learned while watching the tapes. I have been active on a hypnotherapy discussion list for over a year now and find it very intriguing and useful. I purchased the EFT tapes and although others seem to find it just right for many situations, I would like a backup plan for when clients are resistant or have numerous energy toxins. I am also curious if hypnotherapy would help me better understand my goals in life. I am filled with many ideas for work such as coaching, teaching, organizing for others and counseling. I am currently doing 3 different jobs. Any advice would be appreciated.

I think it's wonderful that you are interested in pursuing your dreams. Personally, I love doing my work as a counseling hypnotherapist. Along the way, I found out that it's very helpful to try to get more focus and be less scattered, which can arise from trying to carry on too many things at once. Hypnotherapy can be a definite help in focus, confidence and other aspects of successfulness. Especially helpful is someone who is skilled in business processes as well as their therapeutic methods. The course you're considering, particularly since the students actually meet to practice, sounds like a good plan for you. There are a number of good schools around, some of them on-site and others on-line. My own preference is that there be there be psychology courses with the hypnotherapy. You'll find a number of good schools listed on my FAV-LINKS pages of my web site. They can be reached from the link at the bottom of my HOME page. Good luck.





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