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Depression & Anxiety: Make a Lasting Change


Nothing seems to matter to me. I think about suicide often.

I feel so sad all the time. Life has no color in it.

I'm afraid to go outside. I panic at the strangest things.

My friends are burned out trying to listen to me. I can't ask them for help anymore.

Can hypnosis help?

Yes. Anxiety and depression leave their footprints all over a life. Prolonged fear or sadness can permeate all the places you must live. Hypnosis is a tool that can help you recover your life and open the doors to understanding and healing.

Others have told me I must "live with" my fears and depression. Or that I must take medication for the rest of my life. I don't like being so out of control of my life.

The causes of depression and panic are many. The answers are not often simple. The plan for wholeness can incorporate many different tools: counseling, medication, relaxation techniques, resetting the mind's usual way of dealing with issues. One answer does not fit everyone. Hypnosis can help your mind and body address symptoms in a way you may not have tried before.

What causes my panic attacks?

Panic attacks can come from a single event or they can build up over time, with exposure to several different events. Simple anxiety or fear can be compounded until even the thought of becoming anxious is enough to bring on the panic. The fear becomes personal, close to home, even if the cause is miles away. If a past event is the root cause of fear, something may be unresolved about the event and that in itself can be threatening.

What causes my depression?

Depression, too, may have a single cause or be the result of a number of events over time. More than just "the blues," depression can't be dismissed by simply willing it. Well-meaning friends may urge you to "snap out of it," but chronic depression often leaves a person without the tools or the desire to do anything.

How can hypnotherapy help deal with anxiety?

Hypnotherapy can begin to help you by addressing the symptoms of anxiety and panic; hypnosis can slow the heartbeat, create a sense of balance, and generate relaxation through deep breathing. Hypnotic suggestions can replace catastrophic thoughts with truthful statements. Hypnosis can also help you to go back in time to where the problem originated and begin to understand the event from a new place.

How long does it take to help alleviate the depression?

People have different reasons for depression. It can be caused by a chemical or hormonal imbalance, emotional issues resulting from loss or grief or struggles with past traumas. Some cases can be quite mild, perhaps triggered by a recent event. Others may be like the proverbial onion, layer after layer of events and circumstances that must be tended to. Hypnosis is not intended to replace counseling or medication, and it is not a magic wand. It may help the process of healing move more quickly and easily than traditional talk therapy.

What can I look forward to?

Working with your hypnotherapist, you can develop a sense of direction and achievable goals. You can address the past and understand its effect on your life and then work with new images and plans for the future. You will rediscover hope and become more involved with your own life. It's not too late to begin.

"I came to you with deep grieving of many, many years. My basic feelings of unhappiness were alleviated a great deal, and I haven't had the deep underlying sense of melancholy. My grieving stopped instantaneously after the first hypnosis, and it has not returned! Even my doctor is pleased with your results, and feels I have made considerable progress." (Retired Elder)

"I've been doing very well. I'm not stressed, and have had no anxiety attacks. My husband is also very happy with this." (Nursing Assistant)

"I came to you with depression, low self-esteem, withdrawal, loneliness, sleeplessness, self-pity and self-doubt. Our sessions helped me with it all, including becoming confident, and having the courage to be assertive with others. I have conquered my sleeplessness, and am making significant gains in my physical healing. I want to be truly empowered." (Elder)

"I don't need to reiterate the terrible condition I was in when I came to you, Del. My depression was so deep. I had such severe pains in my body that I could hardly walk or do my work. I was very discouraged before you and I first talked together. You gave me the first glimpse of hope I had had for a long time. The time you gave me to talk through the issues I was struggling with saved my sanity and motivated me to have confidence in the journey I was on, and in my own innate healing." (Educator)

"I feel I am more aware of negativity, and more consciously combating it. The depression and lethargy are much better. My headaches are gone. My insomnia is being helped by the tape you made. My stomach issues are improving. The more I am able to sleep the less anxiety I feel and the less panic upon awakening." (Librarian)






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