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Managing Your Weight: Make a Lasting Change


The only thing I do well is eat. I hate my body.

I don't even taste what I'm eating. My answer to everything is food.

It's feast or famine around my house; I'm always on a diet.

I eat when I don't know what else to do with myself.

I've tried every diet ever known; powders, pills, gum, tapes. Nothing works. I just beat myself up when I fail again and again.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis is not about diets. Most diets will set you up to expect the reward of eating "normal" foods again. Reach your goal, and you are likely to celebrate with all the foods that taste so good. Before you know it you're on your way to regaining what you've lost.

How is hypnosis different?

With hypnosis, no enjoyable foods are denied, nothing is given up; there is no need or desire to return to forbidden foods. You continue to eat what has been enjoyable all along, except that the quantities are less. Through hypnosis, your appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of healthy food that are suitable for your ideal size and weight.

How does hypnosis work for someone who wants to manage their weight?

One of the first things you will do with your therapist is to gather information about your eating habits. When you eat, where you eat, and why you eat are all important questions in planning your therapy. Some people eat to gain relief from anxiety or grief, to deal with anger or fear, or other emotional issues. Hypnosis can provide access to some of the root causes for your overeating. For some people, understanding the cause is enough information to begin a lifelong change in eating habits.

What can I expect from hypnotherapy?

A good hypnotherapy program has several elements that are essential to your success.

Your self-esteem and confidence are crucial factors in making lifelong change. The ability to imagine yourself at a healthy weight is an important start. Hypnosis can reinforce good self-talk so that you continue to build on strength rather than battling feelings of deprivation.

Your attitudes toward food, your eating patterns and satisfaction can be altered to reduce your perceived importance of food as a measure of well-being, safety, or love.

With an emphasis on feeling healthy, hypnosis can increase your desire for food with appropriate nutrition. Finding satisfaction with healthy food can make changes in eating patterns easier and more desirable.

Will I be able to enjoy my food?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is designed to work with you so that eating is an enjoyable activity again. You do not need to be afraid to sit down to a meal. You will always have more energy because you are not fighting your body for control. Remember too that hypnotherapy is not a diet. The foods you have loved over the years can be eaten as you release the weight. What changes is the size of the portion and what it takes for you to feel satisfied. Most of the changes take place in your thinking and attitudes toward food. They can happen easily and naturally, through the use of hypnotic processes.

How long will it take?

Keep in mind that the safest weight reduction takes time. Weight will come off consistently, on the average of about one to two pounds per weeks. This pace is safe for your body.

"I don't have to fight my body anymore. Food is fuel, not stuffing!" (Teacher)

"I feel absolutely wonderful and my family is noticing the changes." (Homemaker)

"I am eating less, it takes less time to fill me up, and I feel satisfied." (Biologist)

"I've had no sweets since our first visit." (Retired Elder)

"Thanks just doesn't seem enough for all of your help, Del. I guess the best and most exciting news is that I have shed 7 pounds in not even two weeks. Totally amazing! I was up and down on stools and counters putting up new curtains and never even though of being afraid. I feel absolutely wonderful, and my husband and family are really noticing it as well." (Homemaker, Canada)

"I'm eating less, it takes less to fill me up, and I feel satisfied." (Wildlife Biologist)

"I learned some new things about my self and how to change some long-seated habits." (Insurance Agent)

"I haven't gained any weight, and I had a 5 pound loss last month, so something must be working." (Homemaker)

"I came to you to deal with weight, but other issues surfaced, such as grief over my mother's death and marital problems which caused insomnia and stress. You helped me to very quickly come to the decision to get rid of excess weight. In about 6 weeks time I dropped a full size, and am well on my way to my goal. You also helped me to process my grief over my mother's death, as well as helped me to focus on my marital issues and the decision to leave a very unhappy situation. For me, hypnosis has proven to be a gentle but direct method of focusing on a particular issue, and on related issues to quickly affect change." (Business Woman)






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