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Self-Confidence: Freeing yourself from yourself


I want to, but I’m afraid I’ll fail.

I’m too stupid.

I can’t seem to get motivated.

I don’t think people really want me around.

I was always the last to be chosen for the teams.

I feel powerless.

Can hypnosis help?

Every human being has an ultimate goal. Regardless of background, education, financial standing or other factors, every individual is compelled, consciously or unconsciously, to be the best possible in relation to their own beliefs and values.

What affects one’s progress?

Progress toward one’s ultimate goal, and intermediate objectives, is affected by many factors: heredity, cultural and societal situation, opportunities that have come along, and life in general. Regardless of the circumstances, or the "hand one was dealt," three factors are essential to positive progress: self esteem, confidence, and motivation.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnosis a highly efficient way to work with improving one’s life. It is especially effective in helping you with the factors essential for positive progress in reaching your "personal best.": self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Positive suggestions are given that provide encouragement, eliminate fear of failure, catalyze motivation, and bring focus to what one desires in life.

Self-improvement areas in which hypnosis can help:
Self-Esteem Relaxation
Fear of Success Career Advancement
Scholastic Improvement Anger Management
Sports Performance Memory Enhancement
Problem Solving Meditation
Relationship Healing Positive Outlook
Enjoyment Overcoming Obsessions

What some of our clients now say:

"I am feeling quite powerful, and in a healthy way."

"I am talking more to people and feeling more confident, taking more initiative."

"I really feel good about myself. I can think back to when I first came in and how rebellious I was then, and how much more positive I am now."

"I have a lot of new awareness that has opened me up a lot. I am going forward, and feeling so much better with myself."

"When I look in the mirror I like what I see, and know that I am beautiful in my own way."






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