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Enhance Your Memory: Make a Lasting Change


I panic when I don't remember the names of my clients.

People tease me because I'm always late.

Last time I took a test, I froze. I couldn't remember a thing.

It takes me hours to study. I have a hard time remembering what I read.

Details are important in my work. I'm afraid I'll fall behind.

There's lots of trivia in my head, but when I need important information, I can't remember it.

How can I remember things better?

The problem isn't with your memory so much as it is with your ability to recall what you have remembered. Everything said to you, everything that ever happened to you is stored at an unconscious level. Recalling the information you need is a matter of finding the right material in your memory bank.

I feel helpless when I can't remember people's names.

Forgetting names is a common complaint. You aren't alone! Sometimes there is simply too much information to absorb at one time, or perhaps you are still thinking about what happened earlier in the day. Even when you really concentrate and make the effort to remember a person's name, very often it is quickly gone and you're left fumbling, hoping for a clue. The more you fumble, the worse it gets. Hypnosis helps you have better overall recovery of what you hear.

Can hypnosis help when I have to make public presentations?

Yes. You may find yourself stressed by the anticipation of your presentation. That stress clogs up the energy you need. With hypnosis, you can teach your body to relax and be more receptive. You can experience more confidence in your preparations. Your ability to recall information will be enhanced.

Studying for tests drives me crazy. I'm always trying to cram things in at the end.

Working with your hypnotherapist, you can learn some new skills so that what you learn in class is retained and the process of reviewing for tests becomes easier and less stressful. Hypnosis can help develop your attentiveness when you first hear something you want to remember. It can then help you to retrieve that information from your memory bank in your unconscious mind. Knowing that the information is already in you can be a first step in reducing the panic that comes with exams.

I'm not a salesperson or a student. Can hypnosis help me remember things.

Given the ordinary tasks of everyday life, there is plenty for all of us to remember: phone numbers, addresses, passwords, directions, where we put the keys, what time we're supposed to meet our friends, and details we need to pass on to others. At one time or another, our memory can seem wobbly. Hypnosis can help make your memory a tool to use in everyday life. Hypnosis can enhance your awareness of details and make remembering easier. No matter how you spend your days, a sharper memory is a great gift.

"Del, I felt like coming over and kissing you. I moved from a failed grade to scoring 100% on my test. I couldn't believe it! I had been so scared before the test, and thought I had failed it again! I am no longer satisfied in just 'making it through' but want to get even higher and graduate in the top 10% of my class. I can't believe I'm wanting this for myself--it is so unlike me! (Fireman)

"My sessions were fun and relaxing. The deep breathing was just what I needed, as my brain was swollen with so much information that I doubted myself at exam time. You helped me reach within to find the confidence needed to succeed with my schooling." (Massage Practitioner)

"Thanks to our hypnosis sessions I finally passed the exams I had failed twice before. My memory, focus and recall improved during my study and during the tests themselves. I was not afraid of the examiners as I had been previously." (Nurse)

"After our last session, I had a big insurance test that I had had a lot of trouble with in the past. I passed it so easily this time!" (Salesman)

"Just a note to thank you, Del, for your assistance via hypnotherapy, in improving my retention of the materials that I studied for the national board exam. I found that the sessions improved my composure and increased my retention as I studied for the examination and ultimately took it. I had failed it twice before, and was notified that I passed it this time. Thank you, again, for your help and support." (Chiropractor)

"I finally passed the exam I'd failed twice before. My memory, focus and recall improved during my study and during tests." (Massage Practitioner)






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