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Healing the Past: Make a Lasting Change


I cry at the weirdest things these days, and it's getting worse, not better.

I thought I'd worked through all the major issues, but I feel stuck.

I have new things I want to do, but something is holding me back and I don't know what it is.

How does the past relate to my current life?

The past is uncharted territory for many of us. We remember small things: a smell, an afternoon, the touch of a pet. Loaded into the past are countless events, experiences, wishes, fantasies, and memories. They have shaped us, both consciously and unconsciously. Many of our daily habits come from childhood and the comfortable routine that marked our day.

Many of our adult responses to life come as a reaction to something that happened to us earlier. We may have an appreciation for color because a teacher took time to show us the brilliance of a spring day. We may look for a particular car because one like it was owned by a friend. We may pile the clothes on a chair because closets are places we find far too confining. The past can be a place of discovery and healing.

How can the past help me with the problems I'm having today?

Many of our fears and quirks have their roots in the past, though we may not be aware of the particular incident which set the fear into motion. Often we were too young to make much sense of the experience. We didn't have the words to comprehend death, for instance, or to understand a lengthy stay in the hospital. Taking time to search out the past can give us clues to our current fears and keys to change in perception and attitude.

How can hypnosis help me work on the past?

Simple hypnotic techniques can bring to light memories long since forgotten. Within a relaxed and calm state, you can look at past events from the vantage point of both the child and the adult. The new perspective you gain can also add to your understanding of how you thought the world worked once upon a time. Working with your hypnotherapist, you may discover the roots of things that have bothered you for ages. You'll be able to move forward, to do the things you want to do today, no longer hindered by the past.

What is important for me to know before I try hypnotherapy.

Working with the past means the risk of encountering sensitive and personal revelations. Solid trust and comfort between you and your hypnotherapist are essential if you want to achieve your goals. Your therapist will take time to get to know you and to establish a good rapport with you before embarking upon therapy that will draw upon the past.

How do I know that what I remember from the past is real

Working in the past, we often dredge up real events and real imaginings. The mind is creative in its use of perceptions. If the original cause of a certain behavior was a bad dream you had after watching "The Wizard of Oz," identifying that moment and the perceptions that went with it is most important. Finding the connection is the goal to healing a past that has been troubled. Talk with your therapist if you want to know more about this issue.

"I've had sessions about several issues, including child molestation. I've been relieved of a lot of "stuff." I feel more energetic, and am learning to deal with problems as they arise. I feel that hypnosis is the quickest way to get to the root of a problem, preventing possible years of counseling." (Hypnosis Student)






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