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Fears & Phobias: You can set yourself free!


I hate to fly!

High places give me the creeps.

Isn’t there a way around the Bridge?

Tunnels make me freeze.

I’ll go anywhere, but not on the water.

I’ll drive, but not on the freeway.

Can hypnosis help?

One of the primary reasons people seek therapy is the need to deal with fear reactions.  The range of such problems is quite extensive, ranging from simple annoying "hang ups" to full-blown phobias that may be a part of serious mental illness.

Common Problems

The usual apprehensions that may exist in relative degrees of severity include fear of flying, high places, rejection, failure and even success.  Fear of pain, exposure, death, and the unknown are also common.  

Fears are not necessarily bad; in fact, they can be highly valuable if they serve useful purposes such as instilling caution in driving, locking doors, or being prepared for emergencies.  But when a fear causes the alteration of a normal lifestyle, creating intense and irrational behaviors that pose a threat to a person's well-being, it merits close attention.  Frequent occurrence of these fears should be regarded as a strong warning signal that needs to be heeded.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis can help by reaching the subconscious mind where the fears are, and helping that part of the self understand that time has passed and there is no reason to continue fearing. Suggestions are given to alleviate the anxiety.
Common fear-related problems that hypnosis can help:
Flying and Travel Childbirth
Heights Dark Places
Animals or insects Nightmares
Performance (Stage Fright) Physicians and Dentists
Speaking in Public Surgery
Closed or Open spaces Passing Exams

What some of our clients now say:

"I can drive or ride anywhere now."

"I really did a good job speaking before my peers."

"I am learning to relax before starting to perform, and while I’m on the stage."

"I am able to cross any bridge now without fear; I feel in control."

"I’m back at normal level with my driving, feeling relaxed, yet alert."

"Driving has become an enjoyable experience again."






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