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Children and Hypnosis: Make A Lasting Change


My child is a big-time worrywart.

How can I help my daughter feel good about herself?

My teenager is obsessed about grades.

My son is still sucking his thumb.

How can I help my children who are grieving the death of their grandpa?

I thought childhood was supposed to be an easy time. Why is it so hard for my kids?

Childhood is a time of great discovery and learning. Adults can sometimes forget that life can be very stressful for children. While adults are taking care of major events, they can lose sight of the impact on their children, until there is a problem of some sort.

Children grapple with change, learning, loss, and their own sometimes unwieldy bodies in the space of a few short years. They deal with new friends and bullies and unfamiliar classwork. Sometimes comparisons can make feelings of inferiority or depression rise to the surface.

How do I know if my child is having trouble?

Children show their response to stress, change, grief and loss in many different ways. For some, schoolwork may begin to slide. Your child may lose things or steal them. She may have headaches or stomachaches. He might bite his nails or pull his hair. Children often develop fears of needles or doctors or dentists. Bedwetting may become a problem. Particular health problems like asthma and hay fever may be exacerbated. Stuttering may become more prominent. Your child may not be able to put words to the overall feeling of anxiety or tension.

Can hypnosis work with children?

Children are great discoverers. With limited life experiences, they are hungry and open to new learning. They enjoy responding to new ideas that are presented in a way they understand. Their openness and imagination make them good subjects for hypnosis

When children work with an adult they trust, they can easily become relaxed and focused, open to ideas that will help them to deal with the world they are facing.

What is a session like for a child?

The first session involves the child, the parents, and the therapist. After getting acquainted and establishing some trust, the therapist and the child identify what the problem is and what they want to do about it. Just as with adult clients, it is important that the child wants to change and is willing to work with the therapist. Both parents and child should understand what hypnosis is and what it can do. Only when all questions are answered can the work begin.

All work is done with a parent close by. A child may need to be alone in order to tell the therapist what she needs to know, but if the child is more comfortable with the parents in the room, that too can be arranged.

When the child is ready to begin the hypnosis process, simple methods are used. The stories, visualization and positive suggestions that are used are appropriate to the age of the child.

When the session is over, the therapist spends a few minutes with the parents to give them a brief overview of the session.

What if we want to help our child become more confident and less stressed?

Hypnosis is a good tool to strengthen your child's confidence in using natural gifts and talents. Simple techniques can be taught so that your child learns ways to help herself in school or performance or competition. Using these tools can make childhood an easier place for your son or daughter.

"Your work is so critical for helping children get in touch with themselves." (Health Practitioner, Taiwan)

"I'm especially impressed with your ability to work with children. You take their issues seriously. There are not many people who do." (Insurance Agent)

"I'm more relaxed and have more energy." (Child)

"I'm feeling much happier, and I'm not weepy any more." (Child)

"I remember a LOT better now. I'm less distracted when I study." (Child)

"I understand more of what I read, and I'm reading faster." (Child)

"I'm getting all my work done faster and I feel really good about it." (Child)

"Writing was so hard before. Now, it's a breeze!" (Child)

"I enjoy my brother; we're getting along much better now." (Child)

"I'm doing pretty good getting to sleep; it takes no more than 15 minutes maximum now." (Child)






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