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Changing Habits: Breaking away from behavioral patterns


I want to quit smoking.

I’ve tried everything: gum, pills, going 
cold turkey.  Nothing worked.

I’m always on a diet, but the diets don’t work!

I hate my body.

I don’t have the willpower to do it.

Can hypnosis help?

Long-time habits can be hard to change. Most of the time we try to change them through motivation—but that usually lasts only just so long. And soon the old urges come again, patterns take hold and we are back to automatically doing the same old thing. Our rational minds want something different, but somehow the rest of our "being" doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Why is it so hard to break a habit?

The conscious part of ourselves uses about 5 to 7% (maybe even less) of our actual mind and resources. Our subconscious or unconscious mind probably makes about 93 to 95% of one’s actual decision-making and responses. If your 5% conscious mind says "I’ve got to quit smoking. This stuff is ruining my health." but the 95% unconscious mind says, "I need a cigarette to relax" - guess which part of you will win?

So, how can hypnosis help?

When you are focused and relaxed, the deeper levels (or aspects) of your mind are more open to suggestion. Positive statements then can be given to your powerful subconscious mind. These suggestions will become part of you, if you accept them.

It is as if you had an old computer program running, and someone were now replacing it with a new, more helpful program. Your old programming was based on a different time or different desires in your life. It thus keeps you from achieving your goal, or presents a problem.

The new programming (or hypnotic suggestions) removes the old program, and gives you a new one that accomplishes your goal, removes your habit or solves your problem.

Habits and problems that can be changed through hypnosis:
Smoking Procrastination
Weight Gain Shyness
Nail-Biting Stammering or Stuttering
Bed Wetting Hair or lash pulling
Thumb Sucking Worrying

What some of our clients now say:

"I have not smoked a single cigarette since working with your hypnosis tape. I feel like I’ve gotten out of a prison!"

"I don’t feel like I have to fight my body anymore. Food is fuel, not stuffing!"

"You touched on some habits that I wasn’t even aware of. Hypnosis really works!"

"I have been free of nail-biting for over a year now. I highly recommend hypnosis for anything seemingly unresolvable."







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