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REC New Beginnings CD

REC New Beginnings CD

Do you need...

  • change in your life?
  • success?
  • self-confidence?
  • belief in yourself?
  • happiness?
  • a way to handle stress?
  • a more positive attitude?
  • freedom from the past?
  • forgiveness?
  • a way to handle anger?
  • or resentment?

If so, this CD about transition and transformation is for you!

Introducing "New Beginnings,"the first in a series of hypnosis discs by Del Morrill, featuring an original soundtrack by Grant Stott.

This series is designed to help you relax, take control of your life, and start eliminating the behaviors and feelings that keep you from realizing your dream.

"Change", more often than not, causes an underlying fear. We all find ourselves getting used to being in a certain comfort zone. Any change can threaten that state. This recording is designed to assist the listener with the courage to expand that comfort zone, and be able to launch out into the unknown. It is also designed to help free people from the past, and to enact "forgiveness" of self and others.

This recording is designed to be helpful to ANYONE who wants some kind of change in their life, whether it is to change a deeply ingrained habit, or to make a break with the past, or even heal it; or for dealing with the "saboteur" and other blocks, within oneself, that keep one from changing.

It has been found by many to help a great deal with handling stress, dealing with anxiety, lifting depression, and making people feel better in general.

Its intent is to help you move on to a life of more happiness and success in your endeavors. The bottom line is that you will feel more confident, energized, at peace?whatever you need, in order to feel more "at one" with yourself.

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