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BK Great Escapes, vol. VII

BK Great Escapes, vol. VII

Seventh in the Great Escapes book series: 62 more scripts for working with children and pre-teens. 135 pages

Contents for Volume VII

Children Learn What They Live
About this Book
About the Author

Affirmations, General
Overall Well-Being
Sleeping Peacefully
Positive Suggestions for Children While Sleeping (Hand-out)

Induction Processes
4 Inductions for Little Children
The Star, the Tree and the Garden (revision for young children)
The Wardrobe Closet
The Seashore (Lakeshore)
Camping in the Woods
Using an Illusionary Diagram
Convincers: The Oak Tree, The Dropped Coin, Glued Palms,

Inductions and Deepening Methods: The Stair Case, The Elevator (Lift), The Candle

Causal Release
Seeking the Cause of a Child’s Problem
Releasing Balloons

Anxiety and Fears
Coping with Anxiousness
      #1 The Clowns
      #2 The Barn Dance
      #3 Fairies and Elves
      #4 The Pirates
Fear of the Dark

Being the Best Athlete Possible (Affirmations)
Releasing Athletic Blocks
Being a Great Baseball Player
Building a Sportsmanship Attitude in Baseball
Being a Team Player in Baseball
Gymnastics Improvement #1
Gymnastics Improvement #2

Stop Bedwetting (Preparation)
Being in Charge of Being Dry (3 Stories)
Stop Wetting the Bed (Winkler Method)

Thumb-Sucking Habit
Stop Biting Nails
Hair-Pulling/Plucking (Erickson-style)
Advice to a Parent of a Child with Many Nervous Habits

Health and Healing (Affirmations)
Making Changes and Healing for the Small Child
Healing a Child (“The Waterfall, the Cave and the Healing Pool”)
Child’s Health & Welfare #1
Child’s Health & Welfare #2
Hypnoanesthesia for Children
“The Little Whale” (Dealing with Asthma and Other Breathing Problems)
Dealing with Children’s Asthma and Other Breathing Issues
Visualization and Other Techniques for Relieving Asthma in Children
Eczema and Other Skin Problems
Healing Cancer (Visualization)

Reading Better (Affirmations)
Reading Concentration and Ability
A Confident Student Who Enjoys Learning
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Information

Weight Management
“At the Ball” (A Visual Picture for Weight Control)
Changing Old Habits and Attitudes
Healthy Eating to Gain Weight #1 (“Biking in the Country”)
Healthy Eating to Gain Weight #2

Learning to Like Practicing (the Piano)
“The Duke and the Rag Picker’s Son” (Overcoming Jealousy)
The Land of Beautiful Friendships
Post Hypnotic Suggestion: GREEN

Problems of Children (Handout)
Form: Overview of Intake for Child/Youth
Form: My Personal Information (the Child)
Form: Intake (the Parent)
What Others Say (About the GREAT ESCAPES Books for Children)
Contents of GREAT ESCAPES Volume I (Children & Pre-teens)
Contents of GREAT ESCAPES Volume IV (Children & Pre-teens)





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