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BK Great Escapes, vol. I

BK Great Escapes, vol. I

The first of the Great Escapes series for transforming children's lives through the means of visualization, hypnosis, and other imaginative methods.

22 Scripts for Counselors, Teachers, Parents and other Guides and Mentors of Children. 67 pages.

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Contents for Great Escapes, vol. I

What Others Say
A Young Girl's Testimony
Table of Contents
Using this Book of Scripts

Inductions Only:
The Star, the Tree, and the Garden
Blowing up Balloons: An Induction Using Focused Breathing
The Seashore
The Water Signal for Children
Pendulum Induction for Children

Prescriptions (Some of Which Include Induction):
Locating and Solving the Problem: Imprint Changing for Children
Burning the Ship: Getting Rid of a Child�s Problems
Other Methods of Dumping the Past
Receiving Gifts: for Children's Self-Esteem and Confidence
Changing Labels: Creating a New Self-Story for Children
Being Animals: 6 Little Scripts for Self-Esteem and Confidence
The Rainbow People: Making Friends
Improve Athletic Skills
The Reading Bubble in the Library of Learning
Meeting the Magician: Learning to Write Better
Getting Homework Done
The Memory Computer

Affirmations (Positive Suggestions):
Affirming a Child�s Confidence
Affirming a Child�s Health and Healing
Affirming a Child�s Learning through Reading
Affirming a Good Sleep

Emerging a Child from an Altered State

Letter to a Friend: Dispelling the Concerns or Fears about Hypnosis, by Del Hunter Morrill
Children and Hypnosis, by Del Hunter Morrill
Letter from Australia
Problems of Children, which Can be Helped with the Use of Hypnosis,
Visualization, and Additional Creative Imagination
Bibliography of Books, Scripts, and Stories Related to Imaginative Work with Children
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