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Seeking the Source of the Original Problem

Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., N.B.C.C.H.

All your life, from the very beginning of your existence,

your deeper mind has absorbed countless imprints of experiences.

It has taken into itself all the things you’ve come to believe from parents,

from other family members, neighbors, school teachers and your peers,

colleagues, friends, television, movies and newspapers, and so on…

All of these experiences and learnings have placed imprints on your mind…

All these imprints have created who you are…

Some imprints have been helpful to you, and still are,,,

However, some still play a negative role in your life.


So today, I’d like that wise part of you, that deeper mind,

the subconscious or unconscious self that knows everything about you,

to seek out whatever imprints are causing _____(the symptom) _____________,,,

because your own mind has the ability to do that…

And, once your mind locates those imprints,

it has the ability to change them to a more adult and confident point of view…


And even after this session is over,

your deeper mind will continue to seek out anything

that may in any way block you from _____client’s goal_____…

Your mind will find a way to release those blocks,,,

For some aspect of your own subconscious mind

is able to locate the imprints that have caused the underlying problem,

the real problem that resulted in _____presenting symptom(s)_____…

And it’s just as capable of changing those imprints

into something far more helpful to you, in this particular time of your life,,,

in which you now want ________________________…

And your subconscious/unconscious self will bring about very happy results

that will please you very much…

So I’m going to ask your deeper mind to do that task, right now,,,

and to take the time to solve the problem totally, and permanently…


 Copyright © 2004, edited in 2012, by Del Hunter Morrill

(253) 383-5757, www.hypnocenter.com





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