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Del Morrill, M.S. C.C.H


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Tacoma, Washington, USA
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FREE SCRIPT Calm Confidence: a Closing for Any Session


Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., N.B.C.C.H.

This insert can be used at the end of any session for peace, confidence, sleep, and the assurance of successfulness from the session.

The suggestions I’m making to you

are going into the unconscious/subconscious levels of your mind,,,

Each day, they’re having a greater and greater influence over you…

And, each day, my suggestions become more effective

in helping you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…

Everything I say influences your thoughts, your feelings and your actions

in powerful and helpful ways…

Even after you emerge from the hypnotic state, and leave this room,

these suggestions will continue influencing you just as positively,,,

just as strongly and powerfully,,,

and just as constantly as they do while you are in the hypnotic state of relaxation…

You’ll be very pleased with the improvement in your life,,,

As each day passes, you’ll continue to improve more and more,,,

and you can be certain it’s permanent and lasting…


Each time you’re in that chair and I hypnotize you, it becomes more enjoyable,,,

and you’re able to go into an even deeper,,,

more peaceful state of entrancement,

than you did before…

The suggestions I give you become more reinforced in your mind,

and the deeper levels of your mind cause them to work,

so that you’ll continue progressing, positively, in everything you do…


You’re becoming calmer and more relaxed during your daily life,,,

You’re becoming more confidence,,,

You’re feeling better, overall,,,

and that causes your mind to be more alert,,,

and it enables you to feel refreshed and energetic…

Your nerves are relaxed and steady,,,

Your body feels strong and your mind is powerful,,,

and you feel composed, tranquil, and peaceful, within…


Automatically, you apply these principles of relaxation

to all of the activities of your daily life…

You can be peaceful, calm and more confident in every situation

and in every circumstance in which you find yourself,

whether you are alone or with others…

That includes ____________________...

(Add situations that seem the most uncomfortable to the client..)

Copyright © 2013, Del Hunter Morrill

www.hypnocenter.com, (253) 383-5757





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