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Worry over Hypnosis Changing One's Basic Personality

I have recently become rather desperate in finding a solution to my social phobia after countless failures with counselors, psychiatrists and medication. I turned to self-hypnosis as an alternative. During my research on this amazing form of therapy, I came across some of your articles and your e-mail address. As yet, I have not delved into hypnosis, as I am still hesitant about the potential post hypnotic effects. I realise that hypnosis is a VERY powerful tool for change.
What I am unsure about is: if the suggestions are convincing enough to warrant any kind of change after the hypnosis sessions, will it have any effect on my core personality, memory, value system, judgement, skills, interests, etc. that existed prior to the hypnosis?  Put another way: will the hypnosis change me so much that I will become a completely different person with different interests, an altered personality, a loss in memory of things that I had previously experienced or done? Will I forget all the things I have learned previously? Or will the hypnotic suggestions merely have an effect on the condition itself?

What I am afraid of is whether hypnosis will change any of my current positive characteristics? This is causing a great deal of hesitancy with respect to beginning the hypnosis sessions.

I’m delighted that you have come aware of how powerful hypnosis can be in helping you solve your problem.  You have nothing to fear. Hypnotic methods work on what you wish them to work on.  You are in charge of receiving or rejecting any suggestions, hypnotic or otherwise. In other words:
    --Hypnosis will not change your core personality.
    --Hypnosis will not cause a loss of memory of your past learnings and experiences.
    --Hypnosis will not change your value system (unless you wish it to)
    --Hypnosis does not take away your judgment, skills or interests.
What it does do is help you reach into your own abilities, judgment, skills, and values to strengthen your resolve to conquer your social anxiety, build your self-confidence, and provide some helpful and positive skills that make it easier for you to be with other people.

So, as you state, “hypnotic suggestions (will) have an effect on the condition itself.” However, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that other positive effects might be noticed along the way. You’ll be very pleased, I know you will, so please don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from daring to help yourself in this remarkable way.





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