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What's a Hypnosis Session Like?

I have never been hypnotized before, although I have seen it on stage. I would like to try it, but I am very nervous about it. What is a hypnosis session like?

This is a very reasonable question. What happens for you in a session is totally unlike what goes on during stage entertainment, although the mind is just as powerful. You will not be made to do strange things for the amusement of others. First of all, hypnosis is different for every person, but for most everyone being hypnotized is a very pleasant experience. A good hypnotherapist asks enough questions to understand your issue(s) and goal(s) for coming; and is willing to answer any questions you have before hypnotizing you. When you are ready, you will be guided into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. At first, most people are aware of everything. But the experience can vary from hearing every word, to having the hypnotist's voice fade in and out, or to not hearing it at all. You might even become so relaxed that you feel as if you have been asleep. As you become more trusting of the hypnotherapist, you might find yourself just being so relaxed that you no longer bother to "listen" with your conscious mind. It's as if your conscious mind had decided to "take a little vacation." As your conscious mind becomes less "attentive" and focused, your unconscious mind (subconscious self; or, as some call it, your deeper self) becomes more attentive and focused, and thus, more responsive and cooperative with the therapist's suggestions. Always remember, though, that your unconscious self will reject any suggestions that are inappropriate for you. A qualified hypnotherapist gives suggestions to your unconscious mind that it is willing to accept and act upon in order for you to achieve your goals. The "bottom line" of a hypnosis session is that you will feel relaxed and free, and have a sense of internal peacefulness.





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