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The Pain of a Break-Up

I don't know much about hypnotism, but maybe you could help me anyway. My girlfriend of three years and I just broke up. I know we were not meant to be together, but I can't bear the idea of being alone... we were so wrapped up in each other's lives that I don't know how to get along without her. I wanted to know if there was anything you could do to make me not be in so much pain. I don't want to love this girl anymore, but I don't know how to leave her in the past. Can you do anything for me?

Your problem is not new, in that many people experience what you are now going through. But that doesn't make it any less painful for you, I am sure. First, try to think about what your girlfriend brought into your life, and what you brought into hers. Then, express gratitude for it. You have, for some reason, been brought together, even if only for a "moment" within your longer span of existence. And that time together had meaning -- it helped you to grow. But, whatever was needed in her life from you has now been fulfilled. And, even though you feel terrible right now, whatever was needed in your life from her has also been fulfilled. It is now time for both of you to move on into the future, to receive and enjoy whatever next awaits you next in your life experience and education. The question that remains is how to make this transition easier for you. One of the biggest problems someone in your situation often faces is that of loss of self-confidence, especially with future relationships. There is a lot that can be done by a hypnotherapist, especially one who is also a counselor. A hypnotist can give you helpful and positive suggestions while you are in a very relaxed and focused state, and where your anxious conscious mind has been calmed and even "set aside" for awhile. This can help you get over this relationship faster and rebuild your own self-confidence. In situations where suggestions are not enough, a good hypnotherapist can also help you by using other techniques that uncover any block to you moving on with your life. This allows you to begin to look forward, rather than feeling stuck in the past. A counselor has additional tools, besides hypnosis, which can often be helpful in helping you through the grieving experience of a broken relationship. You will be able to find a qualified hypnotherapist in your area, by going to my FavLinks page where there are a number of directories of available hypnotherapists and counselors in your area. I wish you well in this journey. The fact that you have asked for some assistance will take you a long way in being able to receive those three years of your life, and to lessen the hurt of the separation.





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